Sú BIO potraviny naozaj zdravšie? Je kombinovanie striebra a zlata naozaj zakázané? V našom magazíne vám ponúkame overené fakty to všetkých oblastí.

Erotic massage is whole new experience!

Are you tired of everything? Don’t you even remember, where s a last time you relaxed? Well, it s time for a change. Get yourself a nice present, get erotic massage

Relax is very important thing in our lives. Even more, when it s something, you will get full regeneration for you body, but even for your mental health. And we will be honest here- every man/woman has sexuality, what also means sexual needs.

Nahá mladá žena

Sexual blocks create frustration. But in word sexual needs, we don’t mean just classic sex. Erotic experience is worth to try! Best example is sensual massage, where you free your needs and get perfect body regeneration. With tantric massage is everything possible! Massages in tantra salon Bratislava offers many different experiences.

For example, not just “classic tantra”, but also “body mutual” or something extra (for experienced customers). You can try this types of sensual massages: Body and body mutual, secret dark, rain mutual, sensual tantra, special, magic, deluxe, double body and double special or massage for couples.

Yes, there are even sensual massages for couples. You should try it with your lover/girlfriend/wife, is experience worth to try, but not just for yourself. But of course, this massage is special and masseurs/ masseuses are always of difference gender than customer.

Nahá modelka

What is typical for erotic massages in tantric salon?

Clean rooms, strict hygienic regulations and relaxing music.

Everything starts with very comfortable shower or bath. Then, is time for Namaste ritual. In this ritual, you will exercise your breathing and get yourself ready for main event- some of the tantric massage, you just choose.

Be prepared for something really exciting and sexy! Also be prepared for complete nudity and touches around your private body areas (even genitals).